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Internet Safety Lessons K-8:

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Overview: This is a suggested  curriculum covering Interent safety which has the detailed grade level units on Please look at the complete lessons at that site to use the curriculum.  This page provides a list of quick links to get at all of the lessons.

The Internet Safety curriculum begins in Kindergarten with lessons on what the Internet can do with an emphasis on how, like in the real world, it is important to consider safety and adult supervision.    In 2nd through 8th grade students are introduced to the ideas of protecting personal information, their cyber reputations and cyber bullying. Links to resources that cover these concepts at the different grades are indicated.

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Kindergarden:  Using the internet safely and  recognizing web commercials



First Grade: Using the internet safely     (Cybersmart Student links page for cybersmart lessons below)   Router’s Birthday Surprise video

and responsibly                                              


Second Grade:  Sharing personal information  (Cybersmart Student links page)  video  video video

cyberbullying                                video


Third Grade: Sharing personal information,  (Cybersmart Student links page)   Faux Paw’s Adventures on the internet and Faux Paw and the dangerous download

Your cyber reputation 

cyberbullying   Faux Paw meets the First lady.  Interactive web lessons covering all 3 above.


Fourth Grade: Sharing personal information  (Cybersmart Student links page)    with Garfield

cyberbullying   with Garfield   Interactive game about cyber-citizenship.


Fifth Grade: Sharing personal information    (Cybersmart Student links page) video


cyberbullying  video  video


Sixth Grade: Sharing personal information  video about cybersafety.  The vanishing video mystery

Positive Cyber footprints  video  video

cyberbullying  Video about cyber-bullying


Seventh Grade: Sharing personal information  slide show  video  video   Video   Video

Positive Cyber footprints 

cyberbullying   Video    several videos on cyberbullying

Eight Grade: Sharing personal information   MS Presentation 2011 Teens & Tweens Presentations-a powerpoint lesson that includes netsmart videos mentioned below   Video

Positive Cyber footprints    slideshow  Cyber-reputation video.    Cyber-reputation video     Cyber-reputation video

cyberbullying   cyberbullying video  Cyberbully video with links to many others  scroll down for  video on harassment.


High School

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