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Internet Safety

Internet Safety Information for Parents You can help your child become a responsible, ethical digital citizen with healthy online relationships. To do that, you’ll use the same successful parenting skills that you’re already using at home. Check this site for good ideas. Check this site for a parent guide to cybersafety, a family contract for Internet use and lots of other tips and guidance for parents. This site has issues like: internet safety, cell phone use, cyberbullying, social networking, blogging, webcams, and more. A great site for lessons on cybersafety.

Cybersafety Course to be used in Moodle from District 287
Brainpop - 2 free lessons recommended for Grade 3 

Cyber and Internet safety is part of the Information and Technology Literacy curriculum that your school librarian delivers to your students.  Contact them for more information.

Policies related to Computer and Internet Use:

Policy 6415 Internet and Educational Network Use

Policy 6415 B Internet, E-mail and Network Rules for Student Use.