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No Guessin' for a Lesson

History Day Resources


Self paced video tutorial on using ELM Databases for Research

Resource pages put together by state librarians for Minnesota History Day Projects

Elm4You Databases for History Topics

Video Database of History Topics
Favorite Links on Primary Resources
  1. Introduction to Primary Sources, University of California (Irvine)
  2. Primary and Secondary Source Tutorial, University of Washington Libraries
  3. The Declaration of Independence: Rewriting the Rough Draft, Library of Congress
  4. Historical Scene Investigation, William and Mary College
  5. Primary and Secondary Sources, Ithaca College Library
  6. Repositories of Primary Sources, University of Idaho
  7. Eyewitness to History, Ibis Communications
  8. Finding Primary Sources, Library of Congress
  9. Oral Histories Online,
  10. Great Speeches Collection, The History Place
  11. Native American History Primary Sources
  12. Digitized Collections of Letters & Diaries, University of Washington
  13. Time & Life Pictures, Getty Images