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Rip Van Winkle
How do you operate a TV for personal use?
One-Way Mass Media
How is TV alike and different from other forms of communication?
Off We Go -- See What We Know!
Houghton Mifflin "Invitations to Literacy"
My Name in Pictures
Every name looks beautiful and has many sounds in it's spelling. Students find pictures that have the initial sound as each letter in their 1st name.
Math Sentences Using Kid Pix
We live out math stories and in literature, there are constant additions, subtractions and multiplications. In this activity, students choose a math problem (the Each moment choice of the source of the problem: personal or in literature, is yours) and then create a representation of it. Instructional Time: 1-2 sessions
Book Care Tips from K and I
Book Care lessons end with young students saying one thing about book care in front of a video camera. "My name is ____________ and we should remember to always carry our book home in a backpack, keep your book away from little kids who might color in your book."
The Bionic Bunny Show
The "Bionic Bunny Show" is a Reading Rainbow videotape. It is an excellent resource for media literacy with younger children and should be acquired it at all possible. If it is not available other versions of picture books could be used.
Action Painting
This rich lesson blends delightful fiction, technology skills, and information access.