Dewey Lesson, Grades 3-5
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OPAC and Dewey Lesson

Collect mini-animals, stuffed or plastic, and put them in a gallon-sized clear plastic jar. Go ahead and eat a whole gallon of pickles or cheese-curls, whatever it takes to get an empty jar.

Then fill that jar with the animals, or use paper cutout pictures of real animals, famous people, sports, states, or dinosaurs. Students choose one animal or one paper picture from the jar.

At a computer using OPAC, students do a subject search for books about this topic, writing down the Dewey number. Next, they go to the shelves to find a book with this number and return to their teacher for checking. Finally, they return the book to the shelf properly or put it on display.

It’s always weirdly surprising how students get a kick out of learning about Dewey.

From Diane Wallace-Reid, IT Services