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You Were There
Write an article for publication in a classroom political newspaper, produce a multimedia eulogy for one of the Boston Massacre victims, develop a group video (on the scene) report of the Boston Massacre.
School News!
Students in groups of four or five will rehearse, video tape and view a school news show. This project works best with two adults present: one adult to rehearse the groups while the other adult does the video taping.
Postcards from _________
Real places:Research locations of a place they'd like to visit. Fantasy world: Imagine the world you'd like to live in. Using graphics capabilities of the software program, create a picture of the spot.
Name That Dewey Category!
Non-Fiction organization: Students should have had some exposure to the 10 categories within the Dewey system for non-fiction. This activity has a fun format that will help students understand Dewey. Students analyze an image and identify it's subject and Dewey category.
Morning News Show
Students will use several resources to research information. They will then write a script and put together a slide shows for a daily live newscast. They will present what they have found to the school in a five to eight minute daily newscast. They will then meet and critique the job they did in their research and presentation of their information.
Make A Match: Orientation to the Media Center
As students get acquainted or reacquainted with the Media Center, do more than just talk to them. Students match the picture with the words that describe it. This orientation clarifying expectations of behavior, location of critical areas, and reviewing skills can be fun to do.
Journey to Adventure!
Houghton Mifflin "Invitations to Literacy"
It's Cool. It's School
Houghton Mifflin "Invitations to Literacy"
Evaluating Websites
This lesson looks at the actual sites suggested by searches for specific subjects, and has the students look through them to evaluate how appropriate they would be to research on that topic.
Dewey Decimal Student Presentations
Students create a PowerPoint presentation on the Dewey Decimal System.
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