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Use these links to help you with your research project.

Step 1. Question
~~What do I need to know?~~
What do I already know?     
What am I like to find out about?
What keywords should I use?
Step 2. Gather
~~Where do I find my information?~~
How do I know what resources to use?    
What makes a source reliable?
How will I keep track of what I learn?
How do I keep a record of all of the sources I use?
Step 3. Conclude
~~How do I organize my information?~~
Do all my facts agree?    
Do I need any more information?
What is my final thesis statement?
Step 4. Communicate
~~How will I share what I learned?~~
What is the best way to present my research?
Do I need to create or find some items to illustrate my findings?
How will I credit the sources I used?
Step 5. Evaluate
~~How did I do?~~
Is my project complete?     
Did I meet my teacher’s expectations?
Did I do my best work and use my time well?
What would I do differently on my next project?