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You Were There
Write an article for publication in a classroom political newspaper, produce a multimedia eulogy for one of the Boston Massacre victims, develop a group video (on the scene) report of the Boston Massacre.
Where Does Our Food Come From?
Harcourt Brace: Making a Difference: Unit 2 Where We Live
School News!
Students in groups of four or five will rehearse, video tape and view a school news show. This project works best with two adults present: one adult to rehearse the groups while the other adult does the video taping.
Postcards from _________
Real places:Research locations of a place they'd like to visit. Fantasy world: Imagine the world you'd like to live in....
Pet Show Today!
Houghton Mifflin, "Invitations to Literacy"
Oink Oink Oink
Wolf and pig books, fiction and nonfiction Perfect the Pig - book and Reading Rainbow video version Piggy in a Puddle....
My Name in Pictures
Every name looks beautiful and has many sounds in it's spelling. Students find pictures that have the initial sound as each letter in their 1st name.
Math Sentences Using Kid Pix
We live out math stories and in literature, there are constant additions, subtractions and multiplications. In this activity, students choose a math problem (the Each moment choice of the source of the problem: personal or in literature, is yours) and then create a representation of it.

Create an Advertisement
The students will plan, create and tape a short video advertisement of a Sunshine State Reader book. The video will then be put onto the school wide network.
Cereal Box: Sell That Cereal
Students simulate the organization of a company that produces cereal. They create a new cereal and plan an advertising campaign to sell their product. Computer software is used to create ads, brochures, banners, etc., and students plan live presentations in the form of TV commercials and interviews. Presentations are recorded if equipment is available.
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