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Subject: Media Literacy
Grade Level: 6-8
Instructional Time: single session

Students selected research topics and found "Paths" to that topic in at least 3 different resources. Some topics were: Minnesota Vietnam War Birds, etc They found resources from at least 3 different sources. Students listed all of them on a few sheets of paper in a creative manner. Some students draw pictures, or cut out pictures, or use computer graphics. Lists of resources on the topics are put into a notebook. The first 5 students mentored the other students in their class on the process. The notebook helps teachers and students learn about researching!

Sample Topic: Minnesota: World book Encyclopedia, Almanac, Online Groliers

See also: Minneapolis, 3M, Mayo Clinic, Lake Superior..... other topics that would refer you to Minnesota information.

Author/Source: Deb Snell, Media Specialist, Olson Middle School