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Name That Dewey Category!

Subject: Library Skills/Technology
Grade Level: 4-8
Instructional Time: 1, 55 minute period

Dewey Decimal Classification sheet, large pictures (projected in a slideshow format or other method.) 1-3 pictures for each Dewey category.

General Description:
Non-Fiction organization: Students should have had some exposure to the 10 categories within the Dewey system for non-fiction. This activity has a fun format that will help students understand Dewey. Students analyze an image and identify it's subject and Dewey category.

This will take a little preparation time but you'll use it over and over. Collect images that signify all the Dewey categories. Include digital photos of people and things in your school. Or use clip art from the Internet, scan newspapers, photos, or use Kid Pix stamps. Slideshow resources: ClarisWorks, Kid Pix, Hyperstudio, Powerpoint. Give each pair of students a Dewey Decimal Handout (below). Review the terms and the location of these books in your Media Center. Begin the slideshow. Each picture displayed can be answered by 2 groups. The first group to raise their hand with the answer gets to answer.

Sample images Subject Dewey #
Minnesota Vikings football players Sports 700's
Cook (photo of lunchroom cook) Applied science & tech 600's
Globe Geography 900's
Music teacher singing/directing Arts 700's
Insects Science 600's
Crafts Arts & Leisure 700's
Dinosaurs Pure Science 500's
Drawing by a student Arts & Leisure 700's
Bible, Talmud, Koran Religion 300's
Dictionary Language 400's
Pictures of poetry books in your Media Center Literature 800's
Map of U.S. Geography 900's