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Make A Match: Orientation to the Media Center

Subject: Library Skills:Orientation
Grade Level: 4-6+
Instructional Time: 1 session

Homemade slideshow using images of your Media Center (PowerPoint, AppleWorks, Kid Pix, Hyperstudio, etc. will do the job). Strips of paper or cards, each with a question or statement pertaining to an image in the slideshow about the Media Center.

General Description:

As students get acquainted or reacquainted with the Media Center, do more than just talk to them. Students match the picture with the words that describe it. This orientation clarifying expectations of behavior, location of critical areas, and reviewing skills can be fun to do.

Hand out cards. Instruct students to read them silently or to an "a-b" partner next to them., Go through the cards aloud with the class. Begin the slideshow and as a student sees the picture that explains their cardÕs statement, they stand up and read it aloud.

Sample questions:
How many books can we check out? When we have a question or comment, we should raise our hand to be called on. The shelf markers mark the spot where the book will be returned to if we don't choose it. If we know the subject, title, or author of a book we want, we use this computer to find it. Here's the cutest Media person in the whole world! We use quiet voices in the Media Center. If we forget our books at home, we can do this instead of checkin gout a book. When our class 1st comes into the Media Center, here's where we sit. Ready to check out your book? Line up like this. We always say please and thank you to people who help us. Picture books are in the "Easy" section. Books with a bright dot on the spine are Accelerated Reading books. Our principal likes to hear us read. Our teacher looks for information in the reference area. He/she finds dictionaries and encyclopedias.