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Dewey Decimal Student Presentations

Subject: Technology/Library
Grade Level: 4-8
Instructional Time: 2 sessions
Resources/Materials: PowerPoint or Hyperstudio or Kid Pix or AppleWorks

General Description: Students create a PowerPoint presentation on the Dewey Decimal System. Each of the 10 groups (2-3 students in each) create 3-5 slides on their section (500Õs, 600Õs, etc.) They include digital photos, explanations of the subject area, transitions, effects, animations, too.

Suggestions: Students work in groups and have Dewey Decimal information sheet available. I think it's a replicable activity, because PowerPoint is relatively easy to grasp and is very motivating to work with.Teach the kids to save their pages to the server so I could put the program together. It can be done by saving each page to a disk, but the server makes it a lot easier.

Author/Source: Jean Doolittle, Barton