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Comparing Search Engines

Subject: Technology

Grade Level: 4-6

Instructional Time: 1-2 hrs
Can be used in conjunction with Techworks Internet lesson 2 (7th grade)

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with navigating the internet through links and the "back" button. It is recommended that they do the lesson "Evaluating websites" first.

Lesson: The internet provides, almost instantaneously, us with an incredible quantity of information, with a notoriously low ratio of "quality" sites found on any given search. This lesson will help students understand some of pitfalls and techniques involved with searching for information on the internet. They can also pick a favorite search engine.

Start by picking a topic that everyone will search for. Have the students generate a list of related search terms that they could use. Point students to the searchtool link webpage and have them spend some time searching with different searchtools, filling in the Comparing search tools worksheet as they work. After the students have had some time to search have them discuss and demonstrate their findings.

Assessment: Check quality of answers on "Comparing search tools" worksheet.