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Postcards from _________

Subject: Technology
Grade Level: 2-5
Instructional Time: 2 to 3 sessions
Kid Pix, Storybook Weaver, or My Own Stories, postcard template (pdf)

Real places:Research locations of a place they'd like to visit. Fantasy world: Imagine the world you'd like to live in. Using graphics capabilities of the software program, create a picture of the spot. Students using Kid Pix without the stamps will produce much more creative cards. Storybook Weaver and My Own Stories lend themselves to fantasy....Introduce this with a picture book theme of fantasy books or postcards: Jolly Letters From the Postman (by the Ahlmann's), Three Days on a River in a Red Canoe by Williams, Postcard from Mars , etc. Bring in postcards. Front of the card shows a picture of the place. The back of the card allows room for the name and address and a message. Give students a postcard template on paper to create a draft before using the computers. If you use My Own Stories and Storybook Weaver: Adapt the look of the postcard to fit the program: Name and address go on the "title page" and a picture and message are made on "page 1".