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One-Way Mass Media

Subject: Media Literacy
Grade Level: 1
Instructional Time: one 30 min. lesson

Ask students: "How is TV alike and different from other forms of communication?"
Draw and discuss a web. Draw connecting lines for "media cross-overs" such as books that have been recorded onto audio tape.

Ask: "How are the mass media and media cross-overs different from face-to-face communications? How would mass media communication be different if no one could see? hear? read? write?"

Working with others, choose a mass medium to imagine as a media cross-over or imagine it for a world in which no one could read or write. Plan, produce and share examples of what this new creation might be like. Describe advantages and disadvantages of your creation.

Assessment: see rubric below (.pdf)

MN State Standard: Read, View, Listen
MPS Media Standard:
3.4d Processing: Recognize motive and appeal of persuasive mass media messages

Author: Lyn Lacey, Keewaydin