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Off We Go -- See What We Know!

Subject: Literature
Grade Level: 1
Instructional Time: 2, 55-minute periods to coincide with classroom study of unit

Lesson 1:
Note: "From HM" refers to Houghton Mifflin's Teacher Resource Book for this unit.
From HM p.T80-81: The alphabet is everywhere. Discuss any poster you can find to put on display with pictures representing alphabet letters.
Read aloud: Any book you can find about libraries/media centers.
From HM p.T81: Draw a letter picture using "MC" for media center.
From HM p.T84-85: Print and read aloud an acrostic poem about the MC, i.e:
M is for Media C is for Computers
E is for Everyone E is for Easy Books
D is for our Day for Media class N is for Nonfiction Books
I is for Information T is for Television
A is for Alphabetical Arrangement E is for Education
R is for Reading
From HM p.T74: Point out any iconic signs you have on display for areas of the media center. Compare to a supermarket -- MC has products that are "good for you".
View: Junk food ad (off-air or from "Buy Me That Too"). Contrast junk and healthy food.
From HM p.T78: Brainstorm healthy foods (seldom advertised on TV) for letters of the alphabet (Apple, Banana, Carrot, etc.)
From HM p.T162: Discuss food from each of the five senses (how it tastes, smells, feels, sounds, looks). Use five-senses icons on HM p.T162.
Computer: Review how to find stamps and letters on Kid Pix and how to change sizes. Print large stamps of healthy foods with letters of alphabet underneath.

Resources/Materials For Lesson 1:
Any display of alphabet with representative pictures for letters
Any book about libraries/media centers to read aloud
Chart paper and pen
Poster of acrostic poem in Lesson
Any pictorial signs on display for different areas of the media center
Any taped junk food commercial (such as in "Buy Me That Too")
HM poster of icons for five senses
Kid Pix Studio
An example of a Kid Pix print-out (stamp with letter of alphabet)

Assessment: Class checklist for Kid Pix print-out

Curriculum Connections: Reading, Health

Prerequisites: Basic navigation in Kid Pix

Lesson 2: Communication may be classified as one-way or two-way.
From HM p.T83: Draw circles around words below and connect with lines to create a web representing forms of communication:
One-Way Two-Way
Listen Look Look & Listen Look & Do Look & Do &
Listen & Talk
radio books movies computers face-to-face
recordings newspapers TV video games telephone

Resources/Materials For Lesson 2:
Poster of Communication web
Chart paper and pen
Map of media center
Boxes of same-colored crayons
Any video clip about farm animals (i.e., Reading Rainbow)
Picture books about farm animals
Nonfiction books about farm animals
ABC books
Counting books
Tana Hoban photography books
Books about sign language
Books about the five senses
Kid Pix Studio
Example of Kid Pix farm-animal pictograph print-out

Handout: From HM p.T123: Distribute picture maps of the MC that use icons on signs in last Lesson. Dismiss students to tour MC and color in areas with same-colored crayons in boxes at each area. As a large group, make a numbered list of forms of communication found in the MC.
View: Any video clip about farm animals ("Reading Rainbow"). Define video as one-way and discuss advantages/disadvantages of TV as "look & listen" only. Make a numbered list of episodes or facts given in the clip. Demonstrate use and care of video equipment.
Display: Fiction and nonfiction books about farm animals.
From HM p.T133, T167: Review one with a table of contents. Compare/ contrast it with list from the video, the MC list, the MC map and the Communication web, all of which are simple ways to organize/classify content.
Display: Add ABC books, counting books, Tana Hoban photography books and books about sign language and the five senses (all HM topics in "Off We Go").
From HM p.T116: Compare several of the books in each classification. Demonstrate care of books, review rules for check-out and conduct book selection from these books on display.
Computer: Review how to find numbers on Kid Pix.
From HM p.T120 Sing-along "Power Macintosh had a farm" to the tune of "Old MacDonald".
From HM p.T105, T114: Print numbers and number words 1 - 10 down left margin to match small stamps of farm animals (1 one pig, 2 two chickens, etc.) to make a pictograph.

Prerequisites: Basic navigation in Kid Pix

Assessment: Class checklist for Kid Pix print-out

Curriculum Connections: Reading

MN State Standard: Read, View, Listen
MPS Grade Level Expectations: 2.1a, 2.4a, 3.1d, 3.2a, 3.3b, 3.4b, 3.4d, 5.1b, 5.2b

Author/Source: Lyn Lacy, Media Specialist, Keewaydin Community School