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Pet Show Today!

Subject: Literature
Grade Level: 2
Instructional Time: 6, 55-minute periods to coincide with classroom study of unit
Any book to read aloud about an unsuitable pet
List for job description of media specialist
List of words for captions
Examples of split illustrations
Easy, Fairy Tale, I Can Read titles
Make Way for Ducklings
Arthur series
Arthur video clip
Nonfiction book or photo of aardvarks
Nonfiction pet and farm animal books
Henry and Mudge series
Stuffed toy pets
Pets in newspapers, comics, computer games, TV
Pet photos
Mounts for photos and stapler
Kid Pix Studio
Camcorder and tape

Prerequisites: Basic navigation in Kid Pix

Note: "From HM" refers to Houghton Mifflin's Teacher Resource Book for this unit.

Lesson 1:
From HM Back to School Review: "I Took My Frog to the Library"/ "Our Librarian"
Read aloud any story about an unsuitable pet.
From HM p.T9: Discuss the media specialist job description (review "works with information all day long, etc.")
From HM p.T9: List words: catalog, dictionary, computers, CD-ROMs, newspapers, reference, picture books, fiction and nonfiction books.
Display: Pet fiction and nonfiction books for book selection.
Computer: Choose a pet icon on Kid Pix to come to the media center; add an easy caption.

Assessment: Class Checklist for Kid Pix print-out.

Lesson 2:
From HM p.T47: Introduce I Can Reads, read aloud a Henry and Mudge.
From HM p.T63: Demonstrate use of title page and table of contents in I Can Reads.
From HM p.T95: Review ABC order for Easy Books and Fairy Tales to find Three Little Kittens, Puss in Boots, Millions of Cats, Rotten Ralph, Hi Cat!, and other cat stories.
From HM p.T67: Show examples of split illustrations.
From HM p.T73: Define fantasy as: animals acting as people, doing what animals can not really do, figuring out what they can not really figure out. Some events may be real but if one thing could not happen, it is fantasy (good example: ducks speak English in Make Way for Ducklings).

Display: examples of I Can Reads, E Books, Fairy Tales for book selection.
Computer: using Kid Pix, make a sign for the same pet in Lesson 1 (From HM p.T79).

Assessment: Class Checklist for Kid Pix print-out.

Lesson 3:
From HM p.T102: Review how to find Arthur books.
From HM p.T213: Review ABC order.
View: Clip from Arthur TV show. Compare to book version.
From HM p.T115: Read aloud from nonfiction book about aardvarks; use glossary and index.
From HM p.T149: Review ABC order in dictionary to find aardvark.
Point out that Arthur is an aardvark, "earth pig", with long snout. (In earlier Arthur books, he had snout, but has since become shorter.)
From HM p.T218: Introduce nonfiction about pets and farm animals. Focus on a book about pigs to compare with aardvarks as "earth pigs". Compare real pigs to Perfect the Pig, Three Little Pigs, Amazing Bone, other E books.

Display: fiction and nonfiction pets and farm animals for book selection.
Computer: using Kid Pix, make a "Did You Know?" poster for pet books about same pet in Lesson 1. From HM p.T225.

Assessment: Class Checklist for Kid Pix print-out.

Lesson 4:
Display stuffed-toy pet animals, especially animal book characters.
From HM p.T73: Display real and unreal pets portrayed in newspapers, comics, computer games and on TV. From HM p.T170-171: Focus on Snoopy in Peanuts.

Distribute photos of pets (same pets as in Lesson 1 when possible).
Computer: using Kid Pix, write two sentences about the pet: mount with photos. From HM p.T88-89.

Assessment: Class Checklist for Kid Pix print-out.

Lesson 5:
Using pet icon with caption in Lesson 1, sign in Lesson 2, poster in Lesson 3 and photo with sentences in Lesson 4, give a Persuasive Talk that advertises a service, announces a lost pet or publicizes a pet event. Create a headline for the Talk.
From HM p.T167: Videotape the Persuasive Talks as TV Nightly Pet News or "Pet News Today!" Also From HM p.T209.

Assessment: Rubric for participation in taping. From HM p.T154: Give information that makes sense, is important, and is appropriate to the purpose.

Lesson 6: Complete videotaping. Critique tape.

Assessment: Tape of Persuasive Talk

MN State Standard: Read, View, Listen
MPS Grade Level Expectations: 2.1b, 2.1d, 2.4c, 3.1a, 3.1c, 3.1d, 3.2a, 3.2b, 4.1a, 5.2b

Author/Source: Lyn Lacy, Media Specialist, Keewaydin Community School