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My Name in Pictures

Subject: Technology
Grade Level: K-3
Instructional Time: 1-2 sessions
Resources/Material Kid Pix

General Description: Every name looks beautiful and has many sounds in it's spelling. Students find pictures that have the initial sound as each letter in their 1st name.

Lesson: Students should be familiar with Kid Pix stamps and typing in letters and have initial letter sound familiarity. Students type their 1st name on the top of the screen leaving space between each letter. With the stamp tool, they find stamps that begin with the same sound as the letters in their name. "S": star, sun, scissors, etc. Partner students who need support and who can give it. Ask students to verbalize their choices...students may identify a picture differently than you would. It can be a reasonable phonetic choice. This is a nice way to get to know student names and their phonetic understanding.

Curriculum Connections:
Introduce this with an alphabet book, like: A My Name is Alice by Jane Bayer . Ask homeroom teachers when students are ready for this activity. Demonstrate it with a children's book character, like Arthur or Corduroy.