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Math Sentences Using Kid Pix

Subject: Technology
Grade Level: K-3
Instructional Time: 1-2, 55 minute period
General Description: We live out math stories and in literature, there are constant additions, subtractions and multiplications. In this activity, students choose a math problem (the

Each moment choice of the source of the problem: personal or in literature, is yours) and then create a representation of it. Instructional Time: 1-2 sessions


Kid Pix Students should already be familiar with using the stamps and letters features of Kid Pix.

Demonstrate writing a math sentence using Kid Pix. You can relate it to a book recently read aloud or a classroom situation. For example, after reading Cinderella, ask a question. "How many people lived in the house with Cinderella?" "Cinderella, 3 step-sisters and her stepmom." At the computer, use Kid Pix to write that math sentence: 1. Write the number sentence: 1+3+1=5. 2. Show it with pictures. Use the people stamp in Kid Pix to show 1 person + 3 people +1 person =5 people. 3. Write a word sentence (for students who are able). "There were 3 stepsisters, 1 mother, and Cinderella. That makes 5 people." 4. The student adds their name to the page. 5. Print/save/share.

MN State Standard: Resource Management
MPS Grade Level Expectations: 1.2a, 2.4a, 3.2a, 3.2d, 3.4b, 4.3a, 5.2a, 5.2b
Curriculum Connection: Math, Language Arts