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Action Painting

Grade Level: K-1 and 2-3
Instructional Time: 1-2 sessions
Resources/Materials: Kid Pix, the picture book “Olivia” by Ian Falconer, and Internet access.

General Description: This rich lesson blends delightful fiction, technology skills, and information access.

Prerequisite Skills: Students should have been introduced to Kid Pix and have had an opportunity to explore the tools. Some mouse skills are requisite to this lesson’s success but it is a great one for Kindergarten or High-5.

Read Olivia, a recent Caldecott Honor book about a precocious pig. Discuss. The book is fantasy fiction but includes actual pictures by 2 famous painters, Degas and Jackson Pollock. Help students understand the pictures are in a museum and books or the Intranet can give more information. Use Internet sites:
http://www.nga.gov/feature/ock/pollockhome.html (paintings, biography, photos and b/w footage of Pollock) and

Olivia says about the Pollock painting, “I could do that in 5 minutes.”
In the same way, students will want to make a painting, too. Show an example. Demonstrate use of the Kid Pix tools: paintbrush, color menu, and the 1st bottom menu choice: blob tool plus alphabet for signing the painting like artists do.


Curriculum Connection: Language Arts
MN State Standard: Resource Management
Author: Nikki VanEnglehoven-Toal